How To Build and Profit from Your Own Lists
How To Build and Profit from Your Own Lists
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This is a Massive Audio Course with Transcripts and Workbook. The single simple secret to building large and responsive lists. What you must become to your subscribers for them to respond to your offers. The first sale you must make before people will subscribe to your lists.

Five ways to build trust with your readers. Ten ways to monetize your lists. The one kind of content that you should have in your newsletter that gets people clicking to take action now. An easy-to-follow newsletter format that gets response time and time again.

What to put in your PS of your newsletter to increase sales. The little secret of why you should be signing up subscribers to three lists when they first subscribe to your lists, and how to use these three lists to build long-term profits.

Seventeen ways to get more traffic to your site so you can build your lists fast. How to instantly become an expert in your niche market. The little secret that no one else is telling you about what really does the selling.

The most powerful yet widely overlooked marketing tool that you will ever acquire. Three very basic things that have to line up and be present before you can make a sale. How to make your email offers bring in ten times the profits.

Eleven ways to use offline marketing to drive traffic to your website to get more subscribers and customers. And much, much more!

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