English German Travel Phrases
English German Travel Phrases
Product Description
Do you love to travel, but get frustrated because you don't speak the language? There aren’t many travel experiences more challenging than being unable to communicate with someone while visiting a foreign country. In a real sense, without good communication there will always be a language barrier that will keep your trip from being as exciting as it could be.

Are you looking for a great solution? Then check out “English and German Traveler Phrases” if you're planning a trip to a German-speaking country. Did you know that there are 16 countries where German is spoken? And this is not some rehashed excerpt from an old dictionary!

Take a look at what you'll get inside:

5 English to German MP4’s
5 German to English MP4’s
5 English to German MP3’s
5 German to English MP3’s
5 English to German PowerPoint files and Word files
5 German to English PowerPoint files and Word files

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