Curb Your Cat
Curb Your Cat
Product Description
Have you ever heard the expression, “That’s as hard as herding cats”? There's a reason that saying brings a smile to your face!

If you are a cat owner, or if you know a cat owner, then you understand that cats can be very stubborn and have a mind of their own. Granted, having a cat in your home can be a great pleasure, and most cat owners would never settle for a dog. Cats have an elegant, sophisticated way about them, but they also can cause havoc in your life if they get out of control.

Before you try to focus on directing your cat’s behavior, it's good to understand the different breeds, because the breed will determine what kind of relationship you will have with your cat. Some breeds are more sociable than others and some can be downright difficult to manage.

Some of the lessons covered in “Curb Your Cat” are these:•How to speak "feline"•The role of aggression and playing•When it's better to get a second cat•Reflex actions and the importance of activity•Understanding the difference between play and aggression•How to deal with biting and scratching•How to look for warning signs of aggression•When to call the vet•How to train your cat – really•How to take care of your cat's health•And much more!

Cats as pets can be one of the most rewarding experiences in your life, if you understand them and learn to manage them instead of them managing you. Get your copy of “Curb Your Cat” and learn to enjoy your cat without losing control of your life.

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